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Co-founder geo_icon Pyrmont, New South Wales
National Marketing Manager geo_icon New South Wales
Managing Director geo_icon Sydney, New South Wales
Inventory Management geo_icon Melbourne
host / seater geo_icon Melbourne
Function and Marketing Co-ordinator geo_icon Melbourne Area
Clare Angel
Office Manager / Project Manager geo_icon Petersham North, New South Wales
Rishi KC
Chef geo_icon Sydney
Kiran Shrestha
Bar Manager geo_icon Melbourne, Victoria
Johnny Hoang
Supervisor geo_icon Manly, New South Wales
Romain Demanghon
Food Server geo_icon Sydney
Sandeep Shrestha
Chef geo_icon Glenroy, Victoria
Davide Lerario
Manager geo_icon Melbourne
Francesca Serafini
Waitress geo_icon Manly, New South Wales
Salin Thapa Magar
Chef De Partie geo_icon Sydney
Edwin Garcia
Runner geo_icon Sydney
Restaurant Supervisor geo_icon Sydney
Bar attendent geo_icon Sydney
Arjun Jung Lamichhane
Chef geo_icon Newcastle
Dennis Aung
Chef geo_icon Perth
Food Runner geo_icon Carlingford, New South Wales
Palvinder Singh Bains
Pizza chef geo_icon Sydney
Samrohi Sharma
Barista/Bartender geo_icon Melbourne