King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


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Carlos Pilasi Menichetti
Trauma Fellow geo_icon Sydney
Specialist Dietitian in Obesity and Bariatric Surgery geo_icon Brisbane
Clinical Physiologist (Neuro) geo_icon United Kingdom
Occupational Therapist geo_icon Brisbane
Locum Physiotherapist geo_icon Adelaide
Occupational Therapist geo_icon Perth
Jimgurl Marianne Regine
Staff Nurse geo_icon Perth, Western Australia
Jessica Pohlenz-Saw
Specialist Critical Care Dietitian geo_icon United Kingdom
Jason Correia
Senior Cerebrovascular Clinical Fellow geo_icon Auckland, Auckland
Jacqui Mathers
Staff Registered Nurse geo_icon Brisbane
Lucy Johnston
Staff Registered Nurse geo_icon White Hills, Tasmania
Hellen Karonga
Senior Clinical Fellow Liver Intensive Care Unit geo_icon Melbourne, Victoria