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Similar names

Bates S G J

(02) 6622 5649

Bates S G J holds the account for (02) 6622 5649 and is located at 29 Centre St, South Lismore, NSW 2480. Bates S G J's nearest neighbor is Boyle P at Bruxner Hwy, McKees Hill, NSW 2480.

Telephone number (02) 6622 5649
International dialing: +61 266225649
Address 29 Centre St, South Lismore, NSW 2480

Local government Ballina
State New South Wales

About this property

Bates S G J is recorded as residing at 29 Centre Street, South Lismore. This is a house. It is situated on a parcel of land of 723 sqm. 29 Centre Street, South Lismore was last sold for $205,000.

Property type house
Block size 723 sqm
Last sold date Sep 2004
Last sold value $205,000

Nearest neighbors

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