Barker College


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  • Address 91 Pacific Highway , 2077 Hornsby , Australia
  • Phone 0284387999
  • Website
  • Hours Monday -, Tuesday -, Wednesday -, Thursday -, Friday -, Saturday -, Sunday -
  • About All Enquiries Between 7.30am to 5.15pm
Director of Aquatic Centre Sydney
Media, Design and Publications | Education Sydney
JS Head of Music - Co-curricular Sydney
Head of Computer Science Hornsby
Rowena Dudgeon
Director of Wellbeing Sydney
Foundation Board Member Sydney
Director of Finance Sydney
Head of Barker College Sydney
Tim Eastman
Dean of the Middle School Sydney
Keith Vallis
Director of Curriculum - ICT Sydney
Director of Music JS - Ensembles Sydney
Sports Coach Sydney
Sarah Onions
Director of Enrolments Sydney
Classroom Teacher Sydney
Naomi Giselle
Singing teacher Sydney
Head of Computing Studies Sydney
Middle and Senior School Teacher Sydney
Philip Gordon J.P.
Head of Andrew House, HSC History teacher, Deputy Commander of the Army Cadet Unit Sydney
English Teacher Sydney
Reanna Farley
Science (Biology) Teacher Gordon
Wendy Yu
Junior School Teacher Sydney
Andrew Ashby
Director of Outdoor Education Sydney
Naomi Giselle
Singing teacher Sydney
Maggie Stow
HR Coordinator (Recruitment) Hornsby
Stefanie Aisbett
Sports Coach Sydney
Peter Berkley
Member Finance Commitee & Investment Committee Sydney
Volleyball Coach Sydney
Assistant Coach and Facilities Coordinator Sydney
Terena Holdaway-Clarke
High School Science Teacher Australia
Mathematics Teacher Sydney