Department for Education and Child Development, South Australia


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Aaron Collis Contracts Officer - Adelaide Area, Australia
Abbey Avery Speech Pathologist
Abbey Homfray Speech Pathologist
Aboubakr "Abe" Abdallah Senior Project Officer - Adelaide, SA
Abram Cunneen Youth mentor
Ada Parker-Minniecon Work Experience - Adelaide, Australia
Adam Glenn Asset Support Officer - Capital Programs & Asset Services - Adelaide, Australia
Adriana Basic (DECS) Project Manager Aboriginal Languages R-12
Aidan Cornelius-Bell Media Assistant - Adelaide, SA
Alecia Davey Administrative Assistant
Aleksandar Popovich Graduate Project Officer
Alexander Bak Hieng WONG Tutor / Mentor - Woodville High School Adelaide
Alexsandra White Early Childhood Teacher - Adelaide, Australia
Alfred Jarrett English and ESL Coordinator
Ali Doolette Teacher
Ali El-youssef Strategic Planning and Corporate Development Analyst - Adelaide, Australia
Alice Ramsey Student Speech Pathologist
Alicen McNaughton Senior Information Analyst
Alisha Bellison Primary School Teacher
Alison Lloydd-Wright Strategic Policy Adviser, Policy and Intergovernmental Relations
Allan Chau ICT Officer - Adelaide, Australia
Allan Lloyd-Jones Psychologist
Alyce Bertelsmeier Teacher
Amanda Gepp Contracts Officer - Procurement Unit
Amanda Kakoschke Student Attendance Counsellor - Elizabeth, South Australia
Amber Jeisman Teacher - Parafield Gardens, South Australia, Australia
Amelia Hamilton Early Intervention Coordinator
Andre Ntibesha Bilingual School Services Officer
Andrea Aniban Relief Teacher
Andrea Gallo de Garcia SSO (School Services Officer) - Happy Valley, SA
Andreas Anargyros Tutor - Adelaide High School
ann marriott speech pathologist
Anne Kibble Director Systems Improvement - Office for Education
Anne Rasenberger Temporary Relief Teacher
Anne Veitch Teacher Librarian
Anne-Marie Claxton Teacher
Annelise Gill Teacher
Annette Greenshields Arts Learning and Curriculum Coordinator
Annie Pomeroy Family Day Care Coordinator - North Group of Schemes, Elizabeth
Annika McArdle Marketing Officer
April Lawrie Director, Aboriginal Education
April Lewis-Christie School Services Officer: Curriculum Support - Heathfield, South Australia, Australia
Ardelia Kanon Senior Financial Accountant
Arend (Decd) Instructor In Charge
Arjun Shirole CPA Project Assistant - Adelaide, Australia
Ashlee Self Substitute Teacher
Ashlesha Keskar Preschool Teacher
Aska Dzino Art and Media Arts Teacher
Athalie Alexander Early Childhood Teacher
Barb Schiller Manager Injury Management