Department of Family and Community Services (NSW)


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A Valais Business Analyst (Strategic Human Resources)
Aabha Chandran Acting Policy Officer - Sydney, Australia
Aathrey Chandran Ministerial Support Officer - New South Wales, Australia
Abby Bloom Independent Member, Risk and Audit Committee - Sydney NSW
Abigail Wallace Project Officer
Adashani Naicker Child Protection Caseworker - Sydney, Australia
Adele Vandervelden Customer Service Representative
Adeline Iosefa Child Protection Caseworker
Adelle Bruffey Graduate
Adesh Jain Project Manager/Senior Buiness Analyst - Liverpool
Adjunct Associate Professor Carmen Parter Director, Aboriginal Services Branch - Ashfield
Adrian Foon Senior Project Officer
Adrian Melato Administrative Assistant - Sydney, Australia
Adrian Rogers MWHS, ChOHSP, GDip Eng Regional WHS Risk Management Advisor (Contract) - Newcastle Area, Australia
Ahmad Mokhtar Counter Manager
Aidan Cromarty Communications Officer - Sydney, Australia
Aidan Simmons Communications Assistant
Ailyn Chunduru Quality Manager - 4-6 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW
Aimee Edworthy Child Protection Caseworker - Sydney, Australia
Ajay Patwardhan Senior Business Analyst
Alan Conradi Behaviour Support Specialist
Alan Olcayto Solicitor
Alan Valvasori Senior Public Communications Officer - Sydney, Australia
Alana Afoa Client Service Officer - Sydney, Australia
Alastair Hunter Executive Director Corporate Governance and Performance
Alba González Andarcia Senior Policy Advisor - Sydney, Australia
Albert Olley Executive Director Business Services
Alberto Magat Leading hand Carpenter/Engineer grade 3
Ale Tartaglia Child Protection Caseworker
Aleksandar Simonovski Corporate Accountant
Aleksandra Mitrovic-Kadiroglu Caseworker
Alessandra Hobbs Assistant Project Officer - Sydney, Australia
Alessia Salvatore Jolesz Manager Casework
Alethea Ayres Caseworker/ Community Program Officer
Alex Cockburn Senior Data Analyst
Alexander Gutierrez APS6 Change Management - Canberra, Australia
Alexander Maniquis Manager Casework
Alexandra Guzman Web Content Officer
Alexandra Hallen Executive Officer, Office of the Deputy Secretary, Strategic Reform and Policy - Sydney, Australia
Alexandra Simoes Caseworker
Alexis Beniston Casework support worker
Alexis Hottelmann Program Manager, Disability Management Office - Sydney
Alexis Nguyen Senior Manager, Performance and Project Managent - New South Wales, Australia
Ali Elphinstone CSO - Newcastle Tenancy Management Team - Housing NSW - Newcastle, Australia
Ali Yalcinkaya Project Officer
Alice Gleeson Social worker intern
Alice Rockingham-Gill Senior Project Officer - Clinical Issues Unit - Sydney, Australia
Alicja Borciuch Student Intern
Alina Khazmutdinova Business Analyst - Sydney, Australia
Aliscia Maguire Senior Team Leader