Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation


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Principal Communications Officer geo_icon Brisbane
Director, Precincts and Places, Innovation Division geo_icon Brisbane
Program Manager - Space geo_icon Brisbane, Queensland
Executive Director, Communications geo_icon Canberran Capital Territory
Corporate Communication Manager geo_icon Brisbane
A/g Regional Director geo_icon Toowoomba City, Queensland
Technology Services Manager geo_icon Birkdale, Queensland
Development Assessment Engineer - Economic Development Queensland geo_icon Brisbane
Katrina Watson
Manager - Partnerships geo_icon Brisbane
Office of the Coordinator-General geo_icon Brisbane
Principal Strategic Advisor (to Deputy Director-General Innovation) geo_icon Brisbane
Director geo_icon Brisbane
Danielle Ellem
Director - Resource Recovery Industries geo_icon Brisbane, Queensland
Leader Innovation for Regional and Business Growth geo_icon Brisbane
Economic Evaluation - Principal Analyst geo_icon Brisbane
Executive Officer, 2032 Taskforce geo_icon Brisbane, Queensland
Amy Lever
Senior Project Officer - Marketing and Events geo_icon Townsville, Queensland
Director, Strategic Communication geo_icon Brisbane
A/Director, Strategic Partnerships and Engagement geo_icon Brisbane
Manager, Regional Innovation geo_icon Brisbane
Principal Online Strategist geo_icon Brisbane
Rebecca Turner
Senior Communication Officer geo_icon Brisbane, Queensland
Program Support Officer to Regional Director geo_icon Sydney
Executive Officer geo_icon Brisbane
Saikat B.
Senior Economic Development Officer geo_icon Southport, Queensland
Communications Manager geo_icon Brisbane
Senior Economic Development Officer geo_icon Yeppoon, Queensland
Senior Project Officer geo_icon Brisbane
Executive Assistant geo_icon Brisbane
Benjamin Marsden
Correspondence Officer geo_icon Brisbane