Parramatta City Council


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Director of Property Development Sydney
Bakous Makari
Councillor Sydney
Alicia Talbot
Senior Strategic Project Leader Sydney
Lloyd Rothwell
Aquatics Manager Sydney
Sustainability Officer Sydney
Brett Pettersen
Strategic Recreation Planner Sydney
Councillor Sydney
Assistant Development Manager - Parramatta Square, Property Development Group Sydney
Merryn Spencer
Creative Broker Sydney
Group Manager, Place Services Sydney
Muthu Kumaran
IT Analyst -.Net and SharePoint Consultant Sydney
Head of HR Sydney
Assistant Development Manager Sydney
Jacky Wilkes
Senior Projects Officer Sydney
Jeffrey Stein
Major Events Service Manager Austinmer
Critical Projects Office Manager (ePMO) Sydney
WenNi Wong
Market Research Officer Sydney
Steven Chong
Team Leader Development Assessment Sydney
Beckie Lee
Host and Guide Sydney
Ballina Gee
Business Manager of City Services Directorate Sydney
Manish Kaushal
ICT Analyst Programmer Sydney
Ildi Vukovich
Economic Development Sydney
Victoria Fleming
Space Management Officer Sydney
Space Management Officer Sydney
Sumitava Basu
Development Assessment Officer Sydney
Amitabha Choudhury
Senior Project Officer - Urban Design Sydney
Economic Development Sydney
Children's and Youth Services Librarian Sydney
Bianca Lewis
Senior Project Officer - Land Use Sydney
Sue Weatherley
Director Strategic Outcomes and Development Sydney